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Legal Disclaimer: Warning! Clam Chowder: The Serverís Card Game is sold as a novelty only! It should not be played in an actually live (or dead) restaurant environment. There is a risk that it could cause someone to get written up, fired, or worse. This person would most likely try to sue me and I have no money and do not need that burden. Again, Clam Chowder is sold as a novelty only, much like glow-in-the-dark condoms that you can buy in the truck stop restrooms should not be used as contraceptives.

Object: To have the most points at the end of the game. Game play ends 10 minutes after the first player is cut from the floor. Each card completed is scored as one point unless otherwise noted on the card.

Rules of the Game:

Each player draws one card at the beginning of the game and must complete it to earn one point (or more if stipulated on the card). After one card has been completed another card is drawn.

Each player is allowed one "skip" per game. No points are awarded for a skipped card.

Customers, managers, and others that are not playing the game are not allowed to be told why the players are acting strange until after the card has been completed or not at all. (your choice)

Everything must be verified by another person, be it a busser, hostess, or guest, etc. (i.e. no cheating)

The game ends 10 minutes after the first player is cut from the floor.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Prizes should be specified before game play begins. (i.e. everyone throws in $5 (again this is a novelty, otherwise gambling is illegal), the winner doesnít have to do sidework, the loser has to close, etc.)

Some cards may not be suitable for all restaurant environments. If a questionable cards should appear, all players must vote on itís feasibility. If the card is to be discarded, the player should draw another card. (no points awarded)

In case of a tie, a third party should draw a handful of cocktail straws or toothpicks. The players that tie need to write down how many straws are in hand (none of that one more than the last bid B.S. that happens on The Price Is Right). The player closest to the actual number wins.

If someone gets fired... itís an automatic win or an automatic lose, depending on if the player was liked by the rest of the staff.

This is just a novelty game and should not be played in a real restaurant. (Donít come crying to me if your dumbass gets written up or fired.)

Variation: All players start with three cards. One skip is allowed and a new card is drawn after each one is completed.

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