Gregg's Sweater

There once was a boy. His name was Gregg. He was a hard worker. He worked hard and saved his money. He saved it so he could buy a beautiful sweater, that he loved. He wore the sweater every day.

One cold and rainy day, a friend, Matt came over and needed to "borrow" the sweater. Gregg was a kind soul and let him borrow the treasured sweater. Matt loved the sweater, too. He loved it so much he never returned it. Gregg was sad.

A few months later, Jay came over and visited Matt and needed a sweater to wear. Matt gave him "the sweater" and told him how he stole it from Gregg. They laughed and Jay stole the sweater from Matt. The Sweater is now somewhere in San Jose.

If you see the sweater or Jay, steal the sweater and send me a picture of its new surroundings.

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