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The game is AWESOME! The bartender brought it in for us to play two weeks ago. What I expected to be a boring as hell Tuesday night turned into the most fun I've ever had at work.

- Mike, Arizona

I was a little skeptical at first...I mean, a game you play at work? Then, I got a game as a birthday gift. I snuck it into work, and played with my friends. We had such a great time, and it was such a hit with the guests that we told our owner about it.

He loved the idea! We play on what used to be our slower shifts, and the feedback from our guests has been great. We're busier than ever, and I'm actually looking forward to going to work!

- Carrie, Oregon

Normally no one at work will talk to me. I keep to myself and I'm a homely looking gal. Well, one day I brought in Clam Chowder: The Server's Card Game, trying to buy myself some friends. At first they all looked at me like I was crazy.... last week it was Phase 10, the week before it was UNO. Little by little everyone just *had* to know what this strange yellow box contained.

We had so much fun.......... our boss loved it, too. Pretty soon the whole restaurant was in tears from laughing so hard, because we all were moonwalking around the store; doing the robot, trying to sell drinks that didn't exist; serving food with trays strapped to our feet.

I'm now the coolest person at work. The hostesses seat me the best tippers, all of BOH has taken to learing English, my skin has cleared up, my breasts grew a whole cup size, and I'm getting laid left and right.

All because of Clam Chowder: The Server's Card Game.

Thank you clam chowder for making me the most popular girl at work.

- Poppy, bitterwaitress.com

Clam Chowder has really brought back the fun of waiting tables...for the server and the customers. I was skeptical at first, but after playing it, I was ready to play it again and again. We absolutely love it and the time just flies by. There is once again a sense of family in our restaurant as the laughter of playing Clam Chowder draws us closer together. Thank you for this fabulous game. We can't wait for the movie!

- Sandy, Virginia

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