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Short, sweet, and to the point, Matt Lehman's Book Clam Chowder gives us a humorous and yet real look inside the lives of the wait staff at restaurants around the nation. Although names change, and situations vary, waiters have a sometimes difficult job dealing with people, food, co-workers and themselves. This book takes a light-hearted approach to this position and gives tips, suggestions, and plain must-do's for those entering or already in, the tiring job as a waiter or waitress. Clam Chowder: The Server's Field Manual is not only for restaurant staff, even customers will get a laugh and maybe even learn a few tips themselves. A great learning lesson or a great pick-me-up read.

- GetBookReviews.com

Thank you for helping me to get rid of the nightmares. My therapist and Psychic were at their wit's end.

- Mary in Los Angeles

The best thing about Clam Chowder is it's spirited energy. I realized about a third of the way through this book that I had this smile on my face, like I was listening to some stand-up comedy routine. Although Matt is really trying to help his fellow professional Servers survive, his dialogue can help all of us with tough gigs. We all need to wake up and not take for granted the techniques we have learned to get through our daily grinds.

Clam Chowder is not a textbook, instruction manual or undercover mystery on the restaurant industry. It is a very entertaining and lighthearted conversation about dealing with being a Server. Everyday thousands of Americans decide that being a Sever will be a great temporary employment choice while working towards their next phase in life. If they're lucky, someone will turn them onto this book so that they can quickly learn some of the tricks of the trade. There's a lot here for us customers to learn too. Matt does give us some tips that can make our restaurant experiences a little less suspenseful. Just to stop and think about how often we all deal with Servers throughout our lives is an eye opener. Do we ever talk about the millions of Servers out there, unless one of them has pissed us off? I always thought that being a Server could be a cool way to make money if you could handle picky customers, extreme walking and a lot of garbage. But once you read this book you'll understand why every career Server should have one. They all really need a Servers manual complete with tips, tricks and games to fight stress, help prevent mental illness and all the rest of the occupational hazards that come with a tough gig.

This is a fun book that can help us all lighten up!

- Gary Davis ("eye read")

A well written very humerous inside look at the restaurant industry. Matt has this wonderful way of stringing words together to bring to life the madness that is the reality of the biz. Loved it! If you are in the hospitality industry, do yourself a favor and buy the book and the game!

- Karen L. Anderson

Where do I start? I hated this book for making me re-live all the memories of waiting tables. I also loved this book for making me re-love the memories of waiting tables. Anyone that has worked in the industry could easily scratch out the names of the characters in this book and replace them with the people you knew in the restaurant in which you worked.

It's one of those books that ends up underlined, bookmarked, and dog-eared with the stories you can't wait to share with your friends.

Working in a restaurant was one of the most defining periods in my life. This book helped me re-define what's important in my life: laughter, trust, risk taking, and most important of all, friends.

Thank you Matt for putting into words what we all feel. (waiting tables made me ______) -- left intentionally blank, because I can't pretend to believe how this book will impact you. It impacted me on the most profound and entertaining levels.

Stunning. Haunting. And most of all: real.

- Kevin, Detroit MI

You beat me to the punch, but this book is much better than anything I could have created!


Clam Chowder: The Server's Field Manual should be the official textbook for life 101. From anecdotes with which every waitron will relate, to good advice for servers and diners alike, this book has it all. While the latest issue of Forbes or The wall Street Journal will be sparking conversations at the office water cooler, you can be sure that Clam Chowder will be the source of the hot topics by the dishtank, bar service well, and hostess station.

- Julie, Manfield MA

There were moments when I was reading it and I thought, "I thought things like this only happened to me!" Thanks for writing a realistic book on what really happens in the food service industry instead of some buttered up garbage.

Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading!

- Brandi, PA

The book was wonderfully depicted from a "slave's" point of view, and I went into work today feeling good about what line of work I was in. All I can say is: WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!

Vanessa, TX

Enjoyed it very much. Mostly wanted to become a more informed customer and find out how to be more effective with the wait staff. Enjoyed the insider view of the restaurant business. Reading Kitchen Confidential at the same time which is a pretty interesting look at the kitchen staff. Hope you have a long and productive publishing career.

- Bob

Got your book today and have read most of it... very enjoyable and interesting. You are a very good writer.

- Donna

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