About the author... I suppose this is the part of the Website where I tell you what an incredible guy I am and all about my first book "Whatever," my comic book, scripts that have been optioned, my car, my surfing, animation. Anything that will make you say "Hey this guy is great... I must support his endeavors."

Well, I'm not going to say that (even though I just did). If you really want to know about Matt Lehman then you need to know about his family and friends. Those that have supported me as I moved from state to state and encouraged me to live everyday and most importantly, to create. Many names come to mind, but three stick out in the foreground for this particular book. This book is dedicated to them and the hundreds, if not thousands, of others that have pushed me.

They are (in order of how this book was created):

The most amazing woman I know. Mary Allison. I couldn't have done anything without her support. Most of my ideas were forged from seeds she planted in my head and slowly watered and nurtured. She has more patience with me than anyone I've ever met. Hang tight kid we'll be in Hawaii, soon.

The smartest man I know. Kevin Wertz. Man I hate saying that, because he's also the most quick-witted person I know and these words will come back to haunt me. He was with me through the script "Clam Chowder" ...He was in the trailer we shot... he's a voice on the animated trailer...he's everywhere. Hell, I still use some of his best material. I bounce my ideas off him and they come back ten-fold... hence the card game. Of course, he'd be nothing without his wife, so perhaps she should get the credit for putting up with our shenanigans.

The visionary and work horse. Steve Bailey. What can I say about him? I've never met him, but I consider him a great friend and amazingly creative. See, he read my book, we talked via email, one thing led to another and he created this Website with my half-assed guidance. Thank you. I look forward to teaching you how to surf.

None of these people expected this page or asked for it, but I had to. It's about the author, and quite frankly, we're all the authors. I'm just the stenographer. I took the notes and translated them into "Clam Chowder: The Server's Field Manual."